27 October 2013

Farewell to my Thankful Thursday linky

Francesca Writes Here
As many of you would know, I have been hosting a Thankful Thursday linky party each week for the past five months - well, I did miss a week when we were away on holidays last month, but apart from that, it has been up and running each week. I took this link-up over from Six by the Bay in May 2013.
I have loved hosting the linky, as it has made me stop and think of something to be thankful for each week, even at times when I haven't been feeling particularly positive. Lately, though, it has been feeling like a bit of a chore. My evenings lately, instead of being distributed in a balanced way between time with Hubby, housework and blogging, have been taken up with all manner of things associated with selling our house and finding somewhere new to live. And this won't change any time soon, if we go ahead with our plans to build.

I wrote a few weeks ago of my doubts about continuing with Thankful Thursday. At the end of that post, I expressed how I needed to keep going because it made me blog. Here's the thing, though. My blogging time is at a premium right now, and I don't want Francesca Writes Here to turn into just a collection of Thankful Thursday posts as it has in recent weeks, when I've only been able to manage writing one post per week. With the changes going on in our lives right now, I value this space as mine to express and record what is happening with us, in my own way.


Right now, I don't need a theme to inspire me to blog. I have a tonne of real-life inspiration going on - I just need time and energy to write about it.
I am thankful to Leigh for passing Thankful Thursday to me. It has definitely helped me to find the good in things and to be thankful for them. I am thankful to all of you who have linked up at one time or another and supported the linky party on my blog. I am also thankful to Rhianna at A Parenting Life for volunteering to take over Thankful Thursday hosting responsibilities.

A Parenting Life

I hope to link up with Rhianna's Thankful Thursday more often than not and I hope that you can support her in making this link-up her own.


  1. Sorry to see you pass it on but I totally understand. Life is busy for me at the moment as well with looking for somewhere else to live and get our house ready to sell !
    Thank you for all you did with the Thankful Thursday linky - I really enjoyed linking up with you.
    Good luck with your plans to build - have the best day !

    1. Thanks so much for your support of Thankful Thursday while I was running it. I think your consistent linking up and retweeting kept me doing it longer than I might otherwise have done!

  2. I completely understand - hosting link parties can be a lot of work! I recently stopped hosting "My Week According to Instagram" for similar reasons. xxx

    1. I didn't realise how hard it can be to blog consistently at the same time each week! For me, when I feel like I HAVE to do it, that's when the ideas stop flowing...

  3. Tat is so understandable hun and life needs to take a priority for you. Host parties is hard work, hence why I havent done one for so long. Blogging shouldnt be a chore, and when there is a feeling of obligation, it makes it feel like work. You have so much exciting stuff about to happen with the build - enjoy it for all its craziness ;) xx

    1. Thanks Sonia. SOOOO much craziness ahead!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting TT and even more so for passing it on to me. You have done a great job in keeping it alive and I look forward creating a lovely new home for one of the loveliest linkies around


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