19 November 2013


We have a plan. A plan to make life at home more comfortable. But progress cannot come without sacrifice. A bigger house will be great; a bigger mortgage, not so much. Ying and yang. Balance.

In recent weeks we have had to make decisions to sacrifice some things which give joy to our lives in the process of striving to attain our goal. The first was the trampoline. A 14-foot circle of jumping fun had to go, as the backyard in the rented house we're moving to (or any other for that matter) simply is not big enough.

We bought it four years ago. I can still remember the squeals of delight as the then two-year-old MissyMoo1 (6) jumped on it; her curly mop of toddler hair flopping up and down with every jump. MissyMoo2 (4) and MissyMoo3 (2) each began bouncing on it as soon as they could crawl. Singing songs like Play School's "jump, jump, jump if you feel you want to-oo-oo", learning to count in Italian by counting the jumps, racing around the perimeter, "bouncing" The Fat Cat when she jumped on to join in on the action - these are all memories I want to preserve. Hey, even I used to enjoy using it sometimes!

MissyMoo3 being awesome

In the end, the trampoline is just a "thing"- we can replace it later if we want to (although we probably won't).

But there's another sacrifice we must make - not of a thing, but of a part of our family. It makes me feel like a callous, materialistic cow, trading in The Fat Cat for a nice house. But there you have it. The Fat Cat can't move with us, as pets aren't allowed in the rental house we're moving to.

But I'm so cute. Why can't I come too?

Thankfully, Nonna and Par will be fostering her for us for the time it takes us to build our own home, after which we'll welcome her back to our abode with open arms and lots of cuddles.

My first fear with this was telling the MissyMoos. Thankfully, Hubby took care of this with no drama or build-up (I would have made a meal of it) and they took it incredibly well. In fact, they're actually excited that because we'll be spending Christmas with Nonna and Par, we'll be able to spend Christmas with The Fat Cat as well!~

I still worry that she might run away or get lost, but I know she is an adaptable cat. When we got her, two years ago, she was already three years old. Her family had moved away and had been unable to take her with them (oh no! history repeating itself - poor kitty), and the neighbour who had taken her in couldn't keep her because of severe allergies. So we took her and she adjusted well. Hopefully she will again.


  1. What a cute cat! But, thankfully your parents will take care of her. How's the moving going?

  2. I really do hope that Fat Cat comes back to you - they will have big bonds with your girls, or not, as cat's do!! But some things have to be sacrificed I suppose! YAY for Xmas with your parents@


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