27 November 2013

You Sign It, You Eat It

In third year law school at university, I studied contract law. Although that was ... ahem ... a few years ago, there is one phrase which has stuck in my mind to this day. I don't remember the setting - whether it was my male lecturer or my female tutor who said it. I don't remember who I was sitting next to in the lecture theatre / tutorial room. I don't remember if it was hot or cold, morning or afternoon, what I was wearing or how I was feeling.

But I remember this phrase.

You sign it, you eat it.
The meaning was simple. If you sign something, the starting point is that you meant to be held to it. Sure, there are all sorts of exceptions, like fraud or undue influence, but generally, it was a warning to the fresh-faced future of the legal profession that signing something indicates that you have read it, that you agree to it and that you accept the consequences.

Hubby and have been doing a lot of signing lately - a multitude of documents for a multitude of purposes in our house-changing journey.
Initially I wolfed down the appetiser contract with the real estate agent to place our house on the market. I quickly put away various courses as the need arose: contract for sale of house, lease for the next place to live and then purchase of land.

Soon after the feeding frenzy was over, the heartburn set in. Were we doing the right thing? Was all this upheaval and stress going to be difficult for our family? MissyMoo3 was getting unsettled again at daycare after being fine for most of the year - could she be internalising my stresses? (Turns out she was cutting a molar - all good.)

Let's hope it digests well and leaves some appetite for dessert: a building contract...

(Disclaimer: this is not legal advice - this is an anecdote and a clumsy metaphor. Take it as such)


  1. Signing things freaks me out - especially as the fine print is usually a big fat book of insurance lingo! These days I just close my eyes and hope for the best :)

  2. Haha! I remember something like this from my Uni course too!


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