15 December 2013

Bare Walls

Our moving journey began with the first packed box:

But nothing says goodbye like bare walls.

When I lived away on campus in my first year at uni, through the term my walls would be covered in posters and photos - putting my interests and everything I held dear out there on display, helping me feel at home in a place far from there. During each term break, we would have to pack up our rooms completely to allow distance education residential students to use the rooms. So at the end of each term, I would take everything down, pack all I could into a high cupboard and padlock it until my return to campus after the holidays.

Bare walls. As if I had never been there.

A few weeks ago we packed up our home of seven years; the home we'd lived in as each of our three children were born; the first house we bought.

I took a few photos of the rooms before we started packing everything away. Here are a couple of pics from kiddy rooms:

And then afterwards.

Bare walls. Only a hook to show we had ever been there.

Now we are set up in a rental house - a lovely new four bedroom house. But we aren't allowed to hang or stick anything up on the walls.

Bare walls. Nothing up around us to make us feel at home.

But we have each other. We are not alone. And we can look forward to the day when we have walls of our own (or the bank's if you want to get technical about it) upon which we can make our home.


  1. Can't you even use those 3M thingees that don't mark the walls? We have those in our house. I bet you can't wait to get in to your new home and start creating some new memories x

    1. I don't think I've used the 3M thingies, but in my experience that kind of thing still leaves a residue so it's bare walls for now :-)

  2. I love putting photos and paintings on the walls too, I don't like bare walls.
    But, soon you and your family will have your own corner of paradise and I'm sure it's going to be wonderful.

    1. Yes, it won't be too long - hopefully a year, so it is something to look forward to.

  3. Oh I really dislike bare walls too. Just think of how amazing the walls in you new house will be eventually though x

  4. I hope it's not too long when you are in your home and can decorate the walls.

    1. Thanks, and I'm sure the MissyMoos will have great ideas for their rooms too :-)


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