29 December 2013

I Baked Biscuits With My Children ... And Survived!

MissyMoo1 (7) has been nagging asking me to let her bake something for a while now. This interest in culinary delights was compounded when she received a book on easy baking for kids. (It's my fault really - I bought her the book through the bookclub at school thinking that if it was aimed at children, it might actually contain recipes with a degree of difficulty that even I could manage)

You might not understand my reluctance to bake with my daughter, particularly some bloggers out there who blog about baking and who, I therefore assume, enjoy it. Let me explain. I don't dislike baking. I sort of enjoy it. But I don't find it easy. It requires concentration and effort on my part. Baking with my seven-year-old is no more difficult than baking alone - she is capable, keen and tall enough to reach the bench. Except that it's never just baking with the seven year old, is it? There's the four-year-old and the two-year-old to consider, climbing over one another to get a look at the mixing bowl, wanting to "help" with things like sifting flour - oh the horror!

Nevertheless, being the selfless mother that I am, earlier this month, I grabbed a free afternoon after school and set it aside for baking. MissyMoo1 was allowed to choose three recipes from the book as possibilities. From those three selections, I chose "the one" (the easiest).

Biscuit dough

The biscuit dough was easy to make and formed a dough easily - something I've struggled to find at times in other biscuit recipes.

We got out our new fancy-pants cookie cutters and cut wreath shapes. MissyMoo2 (4) was great at this too (I may have underestimated my under-the-radar middle child).

Cut into wreaths

And what would a post about baking with children be without photographic evidence of the mess they left behind? I threw them the line that when you're a chef you have to learn to clean before you learn to cook ... to no avail ...


Despite the mess, the biscuits started to look pretty darn good. So does the oven, by the way. I love the kitchen in the house we're renting right now.

Cooking pic

After the biscuits cooked, we let them cool and then we decorated them. We had a production line happening with the older two MissyMoos icing the biscuits while MissyMoo3 (2) passed me the mint leaf lollies and glacé cherries.

Finished product

They look pretty good. They tasted even better. They didn't last until Santa came. We had to bake again for him!


  1. Very festive - well done Francesca. I can totally understand why they didn't last for Santa's visit :-)

    1. Thanks Cathy, they were yummy!

  2. We made cookies for Santa, too. They didn't look anywhere near as good as yours, but Santa loved them anyway ;)

  3. You and me share the same love / hate (more hate in my case) kind of relationship with baking. But your cookies look awesome, so good job hun xx

  4. It all seems so much better and not as bad when the baking is done and the mess is all cleaned up. The bickies look fabulous!!


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