14 December 2013

Putting up the Christmas Tree

Now, we did this on 1 December and I'm posting on the 14th - better late than never!

The first Advent activity for this year was putting up the Christmas tree. (Let's ignore the tiny fact that I added this to the Advent calendar retrospectively, as I put the calendar together on the 2nd of December!)

It was a bare corner of our new house, with many things still packed in boxes, but a great spot for the tree was decided upon very easily.

We had a bit of a production line, with two helpful little MissyMoos passing branches, and my big girl and I putting everything into place while the Hi5 Christmas album played in the background.

This was the first year MissyMoo3 (2) was able to join in with helping and it was very special to have all three MissyMoos enjoying decorating the tree together.

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  1. I bet they enjoyed every minute of it, especially with Hi5 christmas music on. You're good. I only just started singing carols today while going about the house :)


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