27 January 2014

Gold Coast = SUMMER!

Recently, Francesca and famiglia locked up the rented house and went for a family holiday up to the Gold Coast. Hubby booked it waaaay back last June. He must be psychic or something, to have known how much we were in need of a family getaway. With all of our stresses in recent months - selling our house, moving, preparing to build - on top of the usual day-to-day pressures of juggling family and work life, this holiday was exactly what we needed to put a wet blanket on our stress levels and spend some uninterrupted quality time together as a family.

We stayed at an amazingly kid-friendly resort. Funnily enough, Lara from This Charming Mum recently stayed there too and she published a post about the place while we were there! Small world! We spent most of our time hanging out in the resort.

I began the holiday slightly nervously, wondering how the MissyMoos would be in the pool and around lots of other people. I was also slightly nervous about wearing my bikini out at the resort pool. I needn't have been. Never before have I seen such a collection of cellulite and stretch marks in all their glory!

We had fantastic weather all week and spent most of our time here...

...and I managed a few visits here...

Hubby took MissyMoo1 (7) here a few times...

As you can see, the water play areas were awesome and the MissyMoos were great. The previous week's daily swimming lessons had helped greatly with their confidence in the water, particularly for the younger two. MissyMoo1 could swim, touch the bottom, duck dive, do the wiggle work - all the fun stuff I used to watch other kids do when I was young (because I'm a rubbish swimmer). MissyMoo2 (4) and MissyMoo3 (2) had their floaties on and had a fun time splashing around. It was a joy to see all of them grow in confidence and have more fun from their water play every day.

We hadn't been to the Gold Coast since having kids and I'd never been to any of the theme parks before. So we spend two days theme-parking it at Dreamworld and SeaWorld, and taking in the sights.

The beach at Surfer's Paradise

Admiring the boating view from the side of the road

Sea Lion show at SeaWorld - MissyMoo1's favourite

Penguins - "they look like they're flying in the water!" (MissyMoo2)

Dolphin Show at SeaWorld - my favourite

This is where they did the JetSki show at SeaWorld

We did a lot of walking on those days, but it was wonderful to surround those big days out as a family with down time as a family. And sit in this funky chair at the end of a long day of doing nothing ;-)

It was brilliant to have some time away but, equally, coming home was comforting. After swearing we would never again buy another bottle of water or allow the children to eat chicken nuggets and chips (oops, already done both since), it felt great to be back in our own beds, eating home-cooked meals. Being away for over a week even made the rented house feel a bit like "home".


  1. So glad you had such a great time - wish you had contacted me so we could have caught up for a quick chat - never mind, next time !
    Glad the weather was good for you - it hasn't been that great since our family from Perth arrived here !!!
    Have a great week !

  2. Isn't it great when you can get out in your bikini without worrying about a thing! Glad you had fun, and that the weather was nice, I hope it was :) And that the girls were great in the water, such a good feeling :)

  3. Nice pictures Francesca! Lovely to hear you had a great holiday!


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