24 February 2014

Anonymity, Pseudonymity and Identity

This has always been a pseudo-anonymous blog. You know my first name and after reading through my blog, you would come to know quite a bit about me, but I don't tell you my full name, where I live or the names of my husband and children.

My reasons for this are simple. My husband and children don't write this blog. In order to respect their privacy and their ability (now or in future) to make their own choices about their presence on the internet, I have not told you every little thing about them. You may have noticed that I am also careful about the photos I choose to upload to my blog. The same reasoning applies.

I don't hide my blogging from people I know in real life and many of them follow my blog in some shape or form. So I don't blog anonymously. But I guess you could say that "Francesca Writes Here" is my pseudonym.

I struggled for many months to decide how this pseudonymity would work when my book was published. I have established a healthy following on this blog and so many of you lovely readers have shown an interest in reading Returning. And of course I have published Returning under my real name as I am nowhere near selfless enough to attribute an achievement like this to a different name. I realised, that in order to link my blog readers (who have offered such a great amount of moral support through this process) to the end result, I would need to link my blog to my real identity.

Who is this mysterious Francesca?

Consequently, I have subtly changed the way I blog. I don't delve as deeply into the comings and goings of my family, rather, I write about what I'm doing or thinking about (often inspired by them though). I have also removed some posts from this blog which I felt I wouldn't have written under my real name. I have a private, back-up blog on which these are saved.

So, in coming days / weeks (depending on how much time I have to blog!), you won't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out my name. And that's okay.


  1. I am torn by how much I put online and I have moments when I want to shut it all down, but I haven't, well not yet anyhow. I respect your privacy and can't wait to hear more about the book! Good luck with having to reveal more about yourself! Emily

    1. Thanks, Emily. This is getting real!

  2. All the best with the publishing and the revealing of your identity Francesca! I guess it's all a bit stressful but so exciting!

    1. Thanks Rita. Yes, the nervous energy I've been living with the past few weeks has been interesting :-)


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