02 February 2014

Where Are the Words?

I have so many blog posts which I could write, but I just don't feel like writing any of them. I have a list of the topics written on a piece of paper, but I don't have any inclination to expand them into posts right now.

Where are the words?

Things are great. So much is happening on so many fronts. Sometimes it is overwhelming, sometimes it is tiring, usually it is exciting. I've been so busy in real life that it has been a long time since I blogged regularly, in any sort of pattern. And that's okay. I don't think I can sustain the blogging pace I was into twelve months ago and I don't really want to.

Since it's been so long since I posted, I need a "nothing post" like this just to get words on the "page" again; to feel comfortable in this space of mine again; to not feel like I owe people a post or that I'm letting anyone down, or that I'm less of a blogger if I'm not blogging every day like X, Y or Z blogger. No comparisons.

I hope I have wiped away the cobwebs with this post. We shall see :-)


  1. I use to feel very guilty for not blogging Francesca until I stopped and thought why was I feeling like this. Seriously, blogging should be fun, my blog should be a space for me where I'm free to write whenever I want to, not because I have to. Of course I'd like to have a lot of people viewing my posts but I decided that what's important for me is to keep my blog a space stress free, no guilt for not blogging. People who really love my blog will always come back and read.

  2. I think being able to live your life rather than spending that time blogging about your life is FANTASTIC !!!!!!
    It's good to know that all is well in your world - just a short post every now and again is all your fellow bloggers need so that we can keep in touch and know that you are OK.
    Have the best week and see you back here when we see you back here ! LOL

  3. I know what you mean, I just don't know what I have to say, but I have SO much to say!
    If it happens it happens x

  4. As long as life is treating you well, that's the main thing!


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