18 March 2014

Stream-of-Consciousness Blog Post - Train

It's dark, but it's warm in here. And empty. I like it when the train is empty. The seats are purple this time. Last week they were green. I'm not sure about the purple. I usually like purple, but on the train, seats and carpet, it's a bit much, a bit in-your-face. I wonder what colour the interior of the next train will be. Must remember to change trains. Listen out for the name of the station when we stop.

Can't believe I'm back here again. To think a few years ago I was just looking for a little bit of part-time work, nothing special. Now I've gotten up in the dark for the last two Tuesdays and had to kiss Hubby and the MissyMoos goodbye while they're still sleeping. At least it's just training (haha, I'm "train"ing it to training). No more for 12 months.

This purple is really quite gross. Hope MissyMoo3's breathing is okay today. Hope my books arrive today. Hope the seminar room has somewhere I can plug my phone charger in. Battery runs down so quickly. Not sure what phone to get next. Think about it later. Man, I really hope the next train isn't purple.

The lights out the window look nice. Maybe I could pretend I'm travelling, going on an adventure. Nah, I can't trick myself out of the knowledge that I'm sitting on a train for two hours for the privilege of listening to four and a half hours of lawyers talking about ethics only to then spend another two hours on a smelly train home (the trains are always smelly in the afternoon). I hope I get there early enough to have some breakfast.

Two more stops before I get off the purple train.

Ooh, I can see a bit of sunrise on the horizon. That's better. I can actually see out the window now.

Next stop is where I change trains. Putting the notebook away.


Changed trains. Thank God it's not purple.

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  1. YAY for no purple train ! That is a long way to go each day for training - I hope you don't have to do it for too long.
    Lotsa hugs
    Me xox


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