11 April 2014

Francesca's Festa of Favourites: April 2014

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of...
Francesca Writes Here

Some of you will know exactly what this is all about. Some of you party animals have been in on the Festa from the start. But for those of you who are fashionably late, you're very welcome here, and I'd like you to know what on earth I'm talking about.

"Festa" in Italian means a celebration, a party (and, if you look around this blog long enough, you'll see that I'm a fan of throwing Italian words around). This is a place where you can add links to your favourite posts for a given month (this time, it's April 2014), but here's the difference: they don't have to be posts you've written (although they can be). You can link to any post for the month that, for you, has been a must-read, that you're proud of, or that you think is entertaining, written by you or anybody else.

I add some of the posts, from blogs I read regularly, so you might see the same bloggers cropping up over the months. I make no apology for that - I love being able to use this space to bookmark my favourite blog posts for the month.

But, more importantly, I love seeing what everyone else likes reading - it helps me discover new blogs I might not otherwise have seen and it's a great way of sharing the bloggy love. So feel free to link up as many of your favourite posts as you like during the course of the month.

If you've linked a post or had one of your blog posts linked by someone else, why not add the button to your blog and help spread the word :-)

Pick of the March bunch (in my humble opinion)

Each month I like to choose a post from the previous month's linky party to showcase. I think it's a great way of showing off other bloggers in my own little corner of blogland.

The March Festa Favourite is:

The Ridiculous One That Was Live From The Gyno's Waiting Room, by Sonia at

It was ridiculous, it was light-hearted and it was bloody funny. Thanks Sonia, you're always so entertaining, but this one took the cake :-)
Now, let's get this festa started for Francesca's Festa of Favourites in April 2014. Happy linking!


  1. awww thanks chick - althougt I am crossing my legs at even the thought of that post! lol. I am linking up a post from Bron today who came out of the Easter Crafting closet this week... she has been in denial for far too long ;) Thanks again lovely xx

  2. Great idea to link up posts that we love that aren't always ours. I will have to think about it for my favourite.


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