14 April 2014

Freedom vs Loneliness

As would be the case in many families with school-aged children when both parents work and neither are teachers, juggling school holidays can be just as interesting as juggling school hours.

For various reasons, Hubby and I have decided to take one week of leave from work each these school holidays. Unfortunately, we don't overlap this time, but it does mean that we each get to spend a block of time with the MissyMoos.

This week is Hubby's week off work and he has taken the MissyMoos away for three nights to visit his parents a few hours' drive away.

Three nights!

Let me just pause here for a second to explain that I have never spent three consecutive nights away from the MissyMoos - ever!


I'm sure the MissyMoos will be fine. They'll have their daddy and grandparents to amuse them, there's lots of fun to be had at Gran & Soot's place and they might even get to play with their cousins.

I'll be at work for the next three days so much of my time will be taken up there. Indeed, that is the reason I didn't go along with them.

But today? Oh, today...

Freeeeeeeee, as a bird

Today I consume freedom I have not tasted in years - savouring the sweet flavours of silence, the ability to do whatever I feel like doing untinterrupted...

Today I miss the enveloping context of my life - my MissyMoos' voices, my husband's company. The sweetness of silence turns sour...

I'm actually feeling okay, aside from being overly emotional this morning when I received a kind message from a friend about Returning. I'm a little lost, but I have so much I want to get done today, blogging included, that I'm sure the hours will fly by and I will rue my lost freedom in no time!

Some things which will be happening over the next few days:
  • I have no idea what I am having for dinner tonight and this doesn't worry me.
  • Tonight I plan to watch a movie of my choice, uninterrupted.
  • I will only have myself to get ready in the mornings for work.
  • Tomorrow night I will be going out for dinner with my parents after work, as I have nobody at home to look after.
  • Writing, writing, writing - guiltless! I hope to get going on the sequel to Returning.
I daresay my emotions will be all over the place in the next few days. I'm sure that by Thursday, I'll be missing everyone like crazy and will be counting down the minutes until they get back.

Today I'm linking up with Alicia at One Mother Hen for Open Slather.


  1. Enjoy your freedom! Nice to have a break from 'life' every now and then!!

  2. I am so jealous. How I would love a few days of quiet time, with no responsibilities. I have to agree though on day 3, I would be whiling the hours away until the noise returns xx
    Enjoy your night out for dinner, and I hope the writing juices flow for your sequel xxx

  3. I'm an beyond jelly of you right now - what a gift that is from your husband. Enjoy it, the serenity the peace, the writing! x


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