25 May 2014

100,000 Pageviews!

Yes, people, this humble blog of mine has reached a rather incredible milestone: 100,000 pageviews!

This big round number is all the more incredible when I look back to see that just under 12 months ago, I was celebrating 50,000 pageviews. Doubling the views in the space of a year for a blog which has been going for four and a half years, was not a goal I had set for myself, but it's definitely something I'll celebrate!

Last year, I used to do a little statistic party (uncool) wrap-up (very professional, good save) every 10,000 pageviews. This fell by the wayside after the 50k post, but I'm taking this opportunity to revive it.

So, without further ado, here's a list of the top 10 viewing countries of all time, with a little message in their native tongue (to satisfy my inner linguist - pardon the sweeping stereotypes for the different English-speaking countries):
  1. Australia: Thanks Aussies, glad you're top of the list. Cheers mate.
  2. Russia: Здравствуйте. Спасибо за чтение моих рассказов.
  3. United States: Hi y'all. Thanks for reading my stories. It's been legen ... wait for it ... dary.
  4. Germany: Hallo. Vielen Dank dafür, meine Geschichten zu lessen.
  5. United Kingdom: Hello chaps. I'm much obliged for your kind attention to my tales.
  6. France: Bonjour. Merci de lire mes histoires.
  7. Poland: Witaj. Dziękuję za przeczytanie mojego opowiadania.
  8. Phillipines:Hello.Salamat sa iyo para sa pagbabasa ng aking mga kuwento.
  9. Ukraine: Здравствуйте. Спасибі за читання мої розповіді.
  10. China: 你好。感谢您阅读我的故事。
If you're interested, the top 6 places are exactly the same as they were a year ago, The Phillipines slipped from 7th to 8th position and Poland, Ukraine and China have entered the top 10, replacing Austria, Czech Republic and India.

Thank you , readers!

You're all stars!

While I'm at it, I'll do a little social media thanking too, because, however flawed, time-wasting, algorithm-changing and white-noisy it can be, it is an important tool for disseminating a blogger's message. So, thanks:
Also, thanks to other lovely bloggers who host linky parties which I join from time to time when I get the chance. You can see their buttons on my sidebar. Also, thanks of course to everyone who joins in with Francesca's Festa of Favourites each month. It's a great little blogging community that I've found here online and I hope that it continues to grow in numbers, positivity and support as the years go on.


  1. Yay! Awesome effort. I have no idea what my stats are lol!

    1. Thanks, oh I love these stats :-)

  2. Lovely achievement and congrats! I lost all my stats when I changed to self hosted, a shame that, I only have stats from the past 8 months or so - oh well. Have a great week x

    1. It's a shame, Emily. For a little while there I was thinking of changing to Wordpress but I didn't want to lose my stats! You've probably done that much in 8 months anyway!

  3. Congratulations. Loved the UK line above. Made me chuckle!

  4. yeeeehaw - a huge congrats hun. here's to the next 100000 xx


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