10 May 2014

Getting Ready to Launch

If you haven't seen my Facebook pages lately, you might not know that the book launch for Returning is coming up on Monday.

So, now at T minus 2 days, I am doing some last minute preparations for the big day.

MissyMoo2 (4) has been very helpful, placing these slips of paper into about 40 books the other day:

I'm also putting together a bookmark as a small gift for people who come along. I had them printed at Officeworks, then cut and hole-punched them. The MissyMoos are helping me put the ribbons in them this weekend.

I'm looking forward to sharing the book with new people and celebrating this milestone with my local friends who have supported me with their encouragement, purchases and amazing feedback!

Are you interested in grabbing a copy for yourself? Returning is available as a paperback and an ebook through many online booksellers. Check out www.francescasuters.weebly.com/books.html for more information.

If you fancy your chances, enter  my Goodreads competition for a chance to win a signed copy - you can enter via www.francescasuters.weebly.com


  1. Just stopping by to wish you good luck for tomorrow Francesca! Can't wait to hear all about it! Love the bookmark!

  2. Good luck with it. Hope it goes/has gone well.

  3. Eagerly awaiting an update on how it all went hun xx

  4. How exciting! I'm sure it went beautifully :)

  5. Ooooh so exciting! How did it go??? Update please! x

  6. Thanks for your comments. It was great! Time to get a blog post together :-)


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