28 May 2014

House Building Time: Digging, Dirt, Pipes and Port-a-loos

Last time I talked house, nothing visible had happened yet.

Oh what a difference a week can make.

Within a week, we went from no activity, to having construction fencing around the block and a few things in between. Yes, that's right, it now actually looks like a house is being built on it!

First, the site was pegged out and our trees came down (same day - a Monday). This was a fortunate coincidence actually. We had booked the tree man first thing in the morning, not knowing the surveyors would be on site. Luckily for everyone, the tree man's excavator couldn't get there in the morning. So the surveyors did their thing undisturbed in the morning and the trees came down in the afternoon. Phew!

The next day (a Tuesday), Bob the Builder's helper arrived to do some digging:

On the Friday of the same week, this happened:

Then, the following Tuesday, this:

That's right, construction fencing!

It has a port-a-loo - it's a bona fide construction site now! 

I can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting !!!!! It's finally happening - I think I will feel the same when they finally start to build the granny flat !!
    Have the BEST day !

  2. That is just super exciting, I loved it when our house actually started being built - such a buzz to see progress! And yes the port-a-loo!

  3. It's so exciting seeing small steps taking place in such quick succession! Roll on more steps, new house here you come!


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