05 May 2014

On Your Mark, Get Set...

We have seen a few little milestones in our house-building adventure in the past few weeks. Well, when I say "seen", I mean "encountered" - "seen" is jumping the gun a bit as nothing visible has changed on the block of land as yet.

Last week our house plans were approved by council! Being the worry warts we are, Hubby and I had expected things to take much longer than they did and for there to be questions or issues. Not that there should have been - it was a spec home plan with only a few changes to it. It's just that, well, we're worry warts.

And pleasantly surprised we were. Happy days.

Then today, Hubby had the electrical appointment - the last of the extraordinarily inconvenient, must-take-time-off-work-for, difficult-to-juggle-around-school-hours appointments. The last bits of paperwork which the builder needs before commencing were sent off today too. So I guess you could say that the last of the invisible, pre-construction milestones has been reached.

It's so strange. Progress has been made, but it's so intangible at this point that it's hard to believe that we might be in our new home in a few months' time. I've been so nervous and stressed about the whole experience that I haven't allowed myself to get too excited, for fear that something might go wrong. But now, I'M EXCITED!

The Rented House is a comfortable house. But it's not home. And we miss the Fat Cat. To think it might all come together soon, that we might be able to feel settled again, that the MissyMoos will be able to play outside in a usable yard with the Fat Cat looking on - this is making me smile.

I can't wait. ☺

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