12 June 2014

Birthday Week 2014: Recap

How was my birthday week? I thought you'd never ask!

There was dinner out with a friend (and for which another friend availed us of her private taxi service!)

There were cupcakes at playgroup brought in by a friend. These aren't all for me - we had a few birthdays to celebrate at once.

I love the little cake toppers she made. Do they look familiar? My talented friend made something similar for another occasion a couple of months back :-)

I had a beautiful lazy day on my birthday. Nowhere to be, nothing to do except to enjoy my loved ones. Dinner out on the night wrapped it up beautifully.

I got some lovely prezzies too - some I chose for myself and others were a surprise. MissyMoo1(7) made me a loom band necklace and MissyMoo2(4) picked out a blingy pink ring just for me!


  1. Aww lazy birthdays are the best, glad it was a fabulous day!

  2. Lovely! I'm happy you had a great day!


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