22 June 2014

MissyMoo2 Turns 5

Another week, another birthday week here in Casa di Francesca.

Last week we celebrated a very special birthday:

Yes, our MissyMoo2 turned 5!
Excitement abounded in our home. Seeing the excitement build in our little girl day by day as she counted down the "sleeps" was such a joy. The night before, I was so excited wrapping her presents, I may have even giggled with glee (just a little).

Here's one of her presents which I just had to show you. A while back, we went into Daiso for a look around at all the cute stuff there (not a sponsored post) and each of the MissyMoos chose a ball of wool to buy from there. MissyMoo2 chose the yellow and asked me to knit her a scarf for her birthday. I had been going pretty well in the lead up to her birthday. The day before I took my knitting to work in the hope I could get a the last few rows done in my lunch break. Well, I had such a busy day that, unfortunately, there wasn't time for any knitting, so I busily knitted away after the MissyMoos went to bed, finished it off and then snuck away to wrap the presents. Talk about cutting it close!
It was worth it though, MissyMoo2 loves her knew scarf :-)

I can't quite believe that our beautiful little girl has turned five. It really is blowing my mind. When I started this blog, I wrote about feeding her solids and now, she's FIVE!!! These next 12 months are going to be filled with amazing milestones for her and I'm so excited about what is ahead for her.

But for now, right now, I am already excited for my gorgeous girl. I am so proud of the beautiful person she is. MissyMoo2 is sunshine - gentle, lovely and incredibly cute. She flies under the radar a bit, being the middle child, and sometimes I take so many of her great qualities for granted. She is a fun little sister and a caring big sister. She is great company, helpful and interested in so many things around her.

MissyMoo2, you are a delight and being your mother is a blessing. Thank you for coming into our family five years ago. We adore you.


  1. Happy birthday MissyMoo2! My eldest turns 5 later this year. Still can't believe it... x

  2. Happy birthday MissyMoo2 - enjoy these special times because they grow up too quickly !!!!!!
    Have the best week !
    Me xox

  3. Such a big day - my son is 5 in December, a large milestone for sure! And yes doesn't time fly :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter Francesca! Wow! I think you've done very well with the scarf! I love the color too!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments :-)


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