20 July 2014

Library Game

You may recall that a couple of months ago, my book launch was held at my local library. Well, all the talk about books and libraries has not gone unnoticed by the MissyMoos - they've added a new "libraries" game to their repertoire.

The library is located in MissyMoo1's (7) room and she made a sign for the door.

MissyMoo1 sets up the "checkout" on her bed for MissyMoos 2 & 3 to borrow books.

Although I don't think they've quite grasped the concept that libraries allow you to borrow books for free...

What games do your kids play which are inspired by what's happening in their lives?


  1. Ain't that the cutest thing ever! And books! She is her mother's daughter :)

    1. She sure is, Em. Always reading and telling stories :-)

  2. LOL - that is so cute !
    Have a wonderful day.
    Me xox

  3. My girls have a cash register like that, but only play shops. They love the library so would probably get into this game :)


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