21 September 2014

House Update: Getting Closer

Things have continued to move ahead with the house since my last post.

The driveway is now done.

Formwork for the driveway done

Cement poured

The day the cement for the driveway was poured was a little stressful. It had rained for almost a week beforehand, but the day before had been a fine day, so the area had dried off. The day of the concreting, I got in the car to go to work thinking that it wouldn't be happening that day because it was so cloudy and looked like rain. As I drove past, the cement truck was already there. The rain held off until the afternoon when a massive storm tore through the area. The rain was pelting down sideways at work and I think it was similar at home. I was a little stressed! But when I drove past that night on my way home, I saw that it had been covered. All good.

The down-pipes have now been painted (same colour as the garage door). All the internal painting and tiling is complete (looks amazing!) and the range-hood is in. The TV aerial is also on.

Tomorrow, Hubby and I get a really good look at the place, as we'll be doing our "practical completion" inspection. It isn't completely completed yet though, so I don't know how that works. The carpets aren't in yet, the screens aren't on the doors or windows and the driveway hasn't been painted. But we'll look really closely at what is there and hopefully get a good idea of when we can move in after tomorrow's appointment.

Watch this space!


  1. Great news, slow and steady right - I hope the interior gets done fast! x

  2. OMG that is soooo exciting. man you have it all going on this year don't you! xx


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