23 September 2014

Toilet Roll Craft: Binoculars

Here's something we made at playgroup recently which I'm actually quite proud of. Now I can't take full credit for this one because we have done it before (B's idea last year), but this year I was able to jazz it up a little, thanks to some cheap scrapbooking paper from Aldi (not sponsored, but if they want to supply me with cheap scrapbooking paper in future, I'm happy to oblige with blog posts!).

Looks pretty good, eh? And the best bit is that it's so easy!

  1. Measure the length of the toilet roll along some nice paper and cut enough to wrap around the roll.
  2. Glue the paper onto the roll (glue sticks are great and the kids can do this bit easily themselves).
  3. Do steps 1 and 2 again for the second toilet roll.
  4. Staple the toilet rolls together on the inside (one on each end should do it)
  5. Poke a hole on each side (single hole hole-punch or just a sharp pencil)
  6. Tie the ribbon around each hole - adjust the length to however low the child wants the "binoculars" to hand when they carry them around.
Not only did the making of these little beauties occupy the kiddies, but afterwards, they used them in their play during the rest of the morning's playgroup session.


  1. We love using bulk amounts of toilet paper to get the rolls to make things with!! Also 100 rolls of duct tape to stick them together!!
    I love the prettiness of these!!

  2. Cute! How simple is that?? I love simple crafting ideas. Those toilet roles can come in very handy.


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