31 October 2014

Packing Boxes

Having now moved house twice in 11 months, I figure I can lay claim to knowing a thing or two about packing boxes.
Here are some words of wisdom from yours truly.
1. Let the kids "help"
They will want to anyway. Letting them draw on the packaging paper or newspaper is no big deal, keeps them away from the breakables and puts a little smile on your face when you unpack the masterpiece at your next abode.

2. Stock up on tools of the trade
Packaging tape is your best friend. A good marker to label boxes is a must (you will not remember what's inside each box when you're packing up a 4-bedroom house). I also prefer a Stanley knife to scissors to cut the tape and then to cut open the boxes after moving - packing tape makes scissors icky sticky.

3. Get as many boxes as you can - and then some more
You will always need more boxes. Even when your place looks almost empty, there will remain boxes of bits & pieces which need to be packed up.

Proper removalist boxes are good for big stuff. They're even better when you get them second hand from a colleague and cost you nothing. Oh and here's a bonus pearl of wisdom: don't fill these big 'uns with books - removalists don't like that!

Ask friends and local businesses for smaller boxes. Relieve your school canteen of their excess.

Nappy boxes are a great size for most household items. We saved ours up between moves.

 4. Bags are good too
These bags are great for stuffing clothes and soft toys into. Super cheap too.

5. It will end
You will move, unpack and relax eventually.
Here is just a small reminder of what the last few weeks in the rented house looked like. Sitting where I am sitting now, these photos renew my relief that it is all over.

I am SO glad this move is over. I have no desire to further develop my box packing skills in future. It's the feeling settled skills which I intend to become an expert In :-)

27 October 2014

Francesca's Festa of Favourites: Arrivederci

Sooo ... hi.

How are you?

Is there anybody left subscribing to this blog?

Yes, it has definitely been a while between blog posts from yours truly. I have been MIA in the blogosphere in the lead-up, duration and aftermath of moving house. But we are now home and mostly unpacked. There is still plenty to sort out around the place but we are here.

My somewhat forced absence from blog land (due to a lack of internet for a while there) has refreshed me in real life. And as I so often do, I reassessed. Although we have been busy and stressed moving, I have had a wonderful opportunity over the past few weeks to spend time with my family. To really "connect" with them and devote more time to them. I have liked doing that and I want to continue.

I love writing fiction, I love blogging and I love reading (blogs and novels). But I don't like feeling pressure around my hobbies. And I just don't have time, between family, work and my interests, to read heaps of blog posts (as much as I'd like to). So, I have decided suspend
Francesca Writes Here

"Arrivederci" isn't goodbye forever. I may start this linky up again. But I may not. I just don't know. For now, I am content to write and read when I can and not to commit to anything which takes away from other priorities.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to and read posts in this linky. You have contributed to a warm little community in blogland and I truly appreciate you taking the time out to visit my blog. I hope you continue to do so, even though the linky is no longer.

05 October 2014

Happy Birthday MissyMoo3

Our baby girl celebrated her birthday last week. Can you believe she is already ...

No, neither can I, really. And yet, I can't very well remember what life was like without her.
From her dramatic entrance to the world and every day since, MissyMoo3 has filled our lives to the brim with excitement. She delights and amuses us, as well as driving us a bit batty at times. As she grows, so does her charm and I am so lucky to have her as my daughter. She may be our third daughter, but she is no carbon copy of either of her sisters - she is a unique individual and so very, very loved.
Happy birthday MissyMoo3  xx

04 October 2014

Unlocking Our Future

Can you guess what this means?

I'll give you two clues:
  1. It's a set of keys; and
  2. The key ring decoration is in the shape of a house.
Yes! (Okay, I know it's pretty obvious, but just humour me here)

We now have the keys to our new home. I am beyond excited, as well as overwhelmed and exhausted.

We've had a lot going on in the past few weeks and will have our work cut out for us over the next few, as we move in and get settled. But I'm looking forward to exhaling the stress and craziness soon and then taking a deep breath to soak it all up and enjoy our new surroundings.

Catch ya later!
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