05 October 2014

Happy Birthday MissyMoo3

Our baby girl celebrated her birthday last week. Can you believe she is already ...

No, neither can I, really. And yet, I can't very well remember what life was like without her.
From her dramatic entrance to the world and every day since, MissyMoo3 has filled our lives to the brim with excitement. She delights and amuses us, as well as driving us a bit batty at times. As she grows, so does her charm and I am so lucky to have her as my daughter. She may be our third daughter, but she is no carbon copy of either of her sisters - she is a unique individual and so very, very loved.
Happy birthday MissyMoo3  xx


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You are becoming more and more loveable every day!

  2. Isn't this age cute? But also VERY trying! xx


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