20 November 2014

MissyMoo2's School Orientation

Yes, you read that post title correctly. School. For MissyMoo2!

My middle girl is blossoming into an almost-school girl before my very eyes.

I am so happy for her. She is excited and more than ready. In recent months, my 5-year-old has grown amazingly in confidence and it's beautiful to see.

It seems like only yesterday that it was MissyMoo1's big school orientation ... where did those three years go?

Second time around, I am no less excited for my child, but I at least know what to expect. And for MissyMoo2, whilst school will still be "new" and "unknown", she has her big sister there to look out for her (as well as an eager collection of big sister's friends) in addition to the two beautiful buddies she has been placed with.

This progressive shift in "stages" for MissyMoo2 from pre-school heading towards school has also resulted in a slight shift in dynamic between siblings at home. MissyMoo2 (5) and MissyMoo3 (3) hung out together the majority of the time because MissyMoo1 (7) has been off at school for the past almost three years on her own. Now, the older two are finding that they have a bit more in common again, so they're seeking each other out more and wanting to do more things together. It's not to the exclusion of MissyMoo3, but it's now more evenly spread.

I hope she continues to enjoy her orientation experience and I hope she also manages to enjoy the summer holidays without being too impatient for school to start!

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  1. My middle has this on Monday, I hope he goes okay with it... my wee boy is growing up!


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