06 December 2014

Caleb's Crossing - Geraldine Brooks

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So, this book is an award winner. But I only managed to read it on my second attempt. Going back to my first attempt, if you are a freaky stalker of this blog have an uncanny level of attention to detail, you might remember seeing the cover in a blog post from March 2014, and even then I think it was an old photo. I had borrowed Caleb's Crossing from the library and could not get past the second chapter. That was when I did something I rarely do: I gave up on the book and returned it to the library.

My second attempt was out of my control: it was nominated as an Old Ducks Book Club book. That is why I borrowed it again and that is why I pushed myself to finish it.

It wasn't a bad story. It was just reeeaaaallly slow. I also felt a little cheated at the end, having read through about three quarters of the book (hard slog) to then have the last quarter cascading into what seemed a very rushed conclusion. Now I don't mind a change of pace to reach a climactic end to a book, but at around that three quarter of the way through mark, the pace changed so dramatically that it hardly seemed like the same book.

I gave it three stars because of the language. Set hundreds of years ago, the author must have immersed her mind in the language and culture of that time and place (to the extent possible) to recreate a bygone era and that, my friends, really earned my respect.

Book: Hardcover. Borrowed from my local library.
Rating: I gave this 3 stars on Goodreads.
One-liner: Cleverly written but difficult to read. Slow for most of the book, but the late change of pace left me feeling unsatisfied.

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