03 December 2014

Playgroup Fun

I'm a huge fan of free play for my kids. The MissyMoos are at school, preschool and daycare with varying forms and amounts of structure ruling their day. Don't get me wrong, structure is important, but so is freedom to explore their imaginations and find their own way socially.

This is why I love my playgroup. I get toys out for the kids and prepare a craft activity each week, but the kids direct their own play. (It's usually the mums/grandmas who end up doing craft because the kids are too busy dressing up or riding tricycles!)

Kids grow up and move on. We're preparing to farewell another three kids in a couple of weeks (one of my MissyMoos included) as they "graduate" to big school next year. Hopefully new people find their way to us over time and we make new friends and playmates. It's a beautiful little community with strong bonds formed over a cuppa to the sound of children's laughter.

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  1. Yes school and kindy is very structured so it's nice to give them time to run free!


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