07 December 2014

What's in a Bookshelf?

When we were living in the rented house, a lot of boxes remained packed, as we knew we would be moving again soon once our house was built. One category of boxes which remained packed was my books. One of my bookish friends looked at me as if I had three heads when I told her that and many of you book-loving blog readers may share her sentiments. I thought it a sacrifice worth making to save packing angst later on, plus, I made great use of the library while my books were packed away.

So, in the rented house, this was our bookshelf:

Yes, it's lego.
Now that we've moved into our built house, the lego has its own place and I have reclaimed the bookshelf!

When I started unpacking book boxes and filling the shelves, I instantly began feeling more settled and "at home".

Getting there :-)


  1. We still have not unpacked all of our books 2 years after moving in!!
    I miss having loaded book shelves.
    Guess which book I am about to start reading??!!

    1. It has made such a difference having the bookshelf filled (with books).

      Oooh, I hope you like it!

  2. I love my bookshelf and I love that I now have it in the extra bit of our bedroom. Bookshelves are wonderful things !


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