08 January 2015

52 Weeks of Memories - Week 1: Summer

Toni over at Finding Myself Young is running a photo challenge this year called 52 Weeks of Memories. She has set out prompts for each week of the year. I thought I'd give it a try :-)

Week 1's prompt is "Summer".

Santa left a packet of these little beauties in each of the MissyMoos' stockings this Christmas.

There's nothing quite like the squeals and giggles of little ones brought on by a big splash of water from a water bomb. The only problem is that their poor mum can't keep up with filling them! What a good problem to have! I'm loving summer right now :-)

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories


  1. What a great problem to have!! I brought my boys a sprinkler which turned out to be a dud. Not happy Jan!!
    I am about to start on a certain book very soon and looking forward to it!!

  2. I love water ballons! We had so much fun with them as kids.


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