25 January 2015

Milestone Madness Ahead

In the space of eight days, we will have all three MissyMoos experiencing milestones in varying degrees.

First up is MissyMoo1 (8) on Wednesday who will be commencing Year 3 at school. Not a huge milestone in itself, but for her a bit of a new stage - her school uniform will alter slightly and her classroom will be located in a different area of the school. No longer "infants", she'll feel bigger in the "primary" part of school.

The next day, MissyMoo3 (3) will start preschool. Yes. I don't know what to say except "wow". She's so excited. Sometimes she doesn't seem big enough and at other times she seems so completely big enough! The milestone which goes along with this is that she is not longer in nappies. This happened some time ago and was supposed to be a big blogging event in itself but then it, you know, wasn't. I may blog about the triumph that is toilet training the third and final child some other time.

The following Wednesday, MissyMoo2 (5) will start school - we call it Kindergarten here in NSW. When I started this blog she was just a baby and now, school. Where have the years gone? She is excited. I hope she enjoys it. I am both excited and nervous for her. I think I'm more nervous for her than I was for her big sister, even though she'll have an excited gaggle of Year 3 girls looking out for her in addition to her Year 6 buddy.

Exciting times ahead☺

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