10 January 2015

MissyMoo2's First Visit From the Tooth Fairy!

My fly-under-the-radar middle child has done it again! She has surprised me once more with how grown up she is (I should really stop being so surprised). Yes MissyMoo2 (5) has gone and lost her first tooth!

It had been a little wobbly for a while, but I actually thought that she would make it to school with all her baby teeth in tact. And as her school has in past years had its school photos done right at the start of the year, I actually thought that she would have all her milk teeth for her kindy photo.

I thought wrong.

Little miss will have a gap for the photo - which is also really, really cute!

She put her tooth in a little cardboard pouch on her bedside table before going to bed and was so excited when the tooth fairy had taken the tooth away and left a coin in its place the next morning.

She now likes to growl at me like a monster, thinking she looks scary ... but she's adorable. I get around the house singing to her ♪...because I'm gappy...♪

Kids really are amazing, aren't they?!

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