01 January 2015

New Year's Resolution 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 has been kind to you so far.

I've been thinking recently (as you do) about whether I should make a few resolutions for the new year and if so, what they should be. I came up with the usual: eat better, rouse at the kids less, be more organised - all valid and worthy resolutions, but all pretty much what I try to do day-to-day (sometimes well, sometimes not so well).

For a new year, well, I think I can do better than that.

In the lead-up to Christmas my friend Gina had us and a couple of other families with young kids over for a morning of decorating biscuits. We all had an amazing morning - lots of fun (and sugar). One of the women there commented that the house was a real "home". It reflects the kindness and love of the family living in it.

That comment really stuck with me.

We've had the roller-coaster year of selling, renting, building and moving. Now we're in our new house. We want to feel settled again. So my new year's resolution for 2015 is to make this house feel like "home".

There are a few key elements a house needs to make a home. The first is love - we're well on our way already.

Here are a few more.

My overall goal for this year begins now.

To make this house radiate with the warmth of the people inhabiting it.

To make this house a place in which family and friends can feel comfortable.

To enshrine kindness as the native language.


  1. I love a house that you can walk into as a visitor and be instantly at ease. It might be spotless or totally chaotic, but you know you can pull up a chair and chat. The love and warmth of the occupants always makes a house a home, no matter the size, style etc of the actual house. Sounds like a very worthy and achievable resolution. Have a great year :)

    1. Thanks Lara. Renting for most of 2014 after being in our own place for 7 years made me very stressy about damaging something and not at all "home-like". I think we can do it! Hope you have a great year too xx

  2. I'm so grateful to hear that you feel at home in our house. I've had to work hard to let go of the need to only invite people in when the house is presentable and instead just have fun and know no-body cares if the floors are a bit grimy and it's the laughter that will be remembered not the state of the bathroom sink! I look forward to many fun times in your "home" too over the coming months. Let's hope 2015 will be a year full of laughter and friendship.

    1. Me too! Here's to a fun and friendship filled 2015!

  3. I bet you'll be able to make a home with ease Francesca!


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