14 January 2015

The Best Kitchen Tap Ever

Last year's house build had the blogger in me motivated to step you all through the process. That all went out the window when the reality set in of juggling building in with the already tricky balance of working and having a young family.

So much so that I have neglected to introduce you to my kitchen tap!

This is not something I would have chosen and paid extra for - but it came as standard as part of the kitchen packaged upgrade and now it's our little luxury. I'm so glad we have it.

It has a normal tap function, but when you press a button on the side, the water comes out a bit like a shower head. You can also remove it from the bracket and move it around - great for rinsing out big pots or chopping boards, or for hosing down the kids if they don't do as they're told (Kidding! I haven't actually done this - although, the option's there...)

A good friend of mine has major tap envy. In fact, she has openly expressed her desire to steal it from me and has put her hand up as the main suspect should I ever wake one morning to find my kitchen tap is missing. At least I know where she lives :-)

Pretty cool, hey :-)


  1. I visited a friend this morning and she has one of these and I thought it was very practical. I am jealous!

  2. I'm with Emily.. I too am jealous!!! Of a tap lol xx

    1. Sonia, it's quite alright to be jealous of a tap ;-) xx

  3. That's a very impressive tap and it's so important to have one that you love and that's functional!

  4. There is a tap like your beauty at our holiday house and I am deeply in love with it. I always want to ship it home, but, alas, it is committed to the kitchen at the other place. x


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