30 April 2015

A Cyclone? Here? Who'd'a Thunk It?

So, there was sort of a cyclone around these parts last week.

And I'm actually not exaggerating that much, because according to www.bom.gov.au (my new favourite website) and various news articles, winds gusted up to 120km/h and the Category 2 bracket starts at 125km/h ... so, not exaggerating much.

I woke up to a massive crashing noise at 5am last Tuesday.

It turns out this had happened to our back fence:

The culprit?

Turn's out our neighbour's trampoline decided to go for a little fly, but it didn't quite get enough air and took out the fence instead! Luckily the trampoline's netting got caught on house next door's construction fence. It was a little scary seeing it flapping in the dark as the wind gusted around it. It was quickly secured, though, and everyone was fine. Hubby also took care of securing the loose colourbond sheeting safely - he's a clever one.

The biggest impact of the storm was lack of electricity. We were out for a total of 110 hours!!!

Speaking of my huband being clever, he bought a generator the day we lost power, which enabled us to keep the fridge going during the day, operate our wifi modem (our only method of communication, as our mobile signal disappeared and our landline was out for about 3 days too) and cook on our portable griller. Hot water ran out after a day, but we were able to boil jugs to warm the MissyMoos' baths. We still had to throw food away in the end, but we were able to keep the food a little longer and cook most of it up.

The newest member of our family

We decided the near-cyclonic conditions warranted letting The Fat Cat inside. Unfortunately, she took over my chair...

The most comfortable member of our family

Lanterns and torches were our light sources.

The MissyMoos got along great for the most part and rediscovered toys they hadn't played with in ages. There were dress-ups, babies, and lego cities being built around the place. An extension of their school holidays by a couple of days didn't hurt.

I learned a few things too: how to fuel and start the generator, for instance. If you'd asked me to fill a jerry can with petrol a couple of weeks ago, I'd have raised an eyebrow at you. Now, yeah, been there, done that!

By the time Saturday rolled around, we were ready for hot showers, so we went around to my parents' place to take advantage of their hospitality and were preparing to stay the night. After dinner, though, when our neighbour sent a message saying power was back on, we decided to go home and get settled in our home again. It was so wonderful to get comfortable and get a sense of normality again about the place.

It's amazing how much we rely on electricity and telecommunication for our modern way of life. It's also amazing to know that with a bit of ingenuity and enthusiasm, we can manage quite alright without it (for a few days).

Last night I went out for dinner with some friends and we toasted to electricity!!

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