13 May 2015

A Cuppa Curve-Ball

We've started a new Wednesday morning routine whereby the two big MissyMoos go to morning OOSH at school. It's my attempt at a staged approach to when they'll have to be in morning OOSH twice per week next year when my office relocates further from home.

The perk this year is that I get to work early one day per week. Instead of heading straight to the office to start my day, though, I'm claiming that extra half hour for myself. It means that one morning each week, I sit at a café with a cup of coffee, something to eat and some writing time before I set foot in the office.

This new routine has only just started - last week was the first week. It was glorious! I had a small amount of time, but I made it worthwhile, gathering my thoughts and making some progress on the chapter I'm currently writing for the sequel to Returning.

So this morning, I was pumped for more. You can probably imagine my dismay when I was informed that the coffee machine was broken.

Feeling hungry and a little lazy, I didn't really want to go out to a different café. If I'm honest, I also felt a little sorry for the girl who was having to break the news to the steady stream of patrons in need of caffeination.

So I opted for English Breakfast tea.

As you know, tea is not often my hot drink of choice. But I thought about the wonderful wise words a friend of mine often speaks (check out her awesomeness here) about relinquishing control and just going with things. So I didn't order my tea begrudgingly; I ordered it with a smile. And when it arrived, it was so cute, with a little teapot, gorgeous cup and cute little milk pourer.

I found myself quite pleased that I hadn't moved along elsewhere in search of a coffee. In the end, I rather enjoyed it. As an added surprise to myself, when I got to the office, I didn't automatically go to the kitchen to make a cuppa. I rather enjoyed the tea taste and didn't want a coffee taste in my mouth (I know, who am I?)

Funny how a cuppa curve ball positively affected my morning ... because I let it. Maybe I'll order teas by choice at cafés now from time to time.


  1. I'm trying to mix up my coffee with the occasional cup of tea, they say change is as good as a holiday. Enjoy your 30 minutes peace :)

    1. Yeah, so they say (although, I haven't chosen a cup of tea since!) Thanks, I will! ;-)

  2. I do love my cups of tea during the day at home but I must say if I'm out in a cafe I really love a proper coffee. I think the option of paying for a tea bag in hot water just releases my inner scrooge. But if its made with tea leaves and in a pretty pot and tea cup and saucer then I think it can be very worthwhile!


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