04 May 2015

A Little Bloggy List...

She's got a little list,
She's got a little list, 
And they'll none of them be missed,
The'll none of them be missed.

Every time someone mentions having a little list, that ditty pops back into my head - a song from a musical I was in back in high school. It's funny what stays with you...

Anyway, I have digressed before even beginning.

Somewhere in this collection of piles of mess which is my house at the moment, there is a little notebook containing a list of blog post ideas. I have a feeling it may have been borrowed by a MissyMoo given it also holds a list of Premier's Reading Challenge books which we own and can be read without prior preparation (i.e. organising a trip to the library in my now extremely precious spare time). The fact that I need this list of blog post ideas at all demonstrates the shift that blogging has taken, from "integral to the adult interaction part of my life" as it was a few years ago, to "that thing I have online which nobody reads any more because I post on average only once per week" (that statement probably hasn't done my Kidspot chances any favours...).

The fact that I remember that I still have a blog is a positive thing. So is the occasional thought which enters my mind of "that could go on the blog" when I'm doing something interesting.

Trouble is, when I sit down to the computer, my mind goes completely blank.

Time to find that notebook.


  1. I still read lovely girl - with or without a notebook ;) xx


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