12 June 2015

Book Club Twins

Okay so this post is waaaay overdue, but I would like to tell you a story.

There once was a book club called the Old Ducks Book Club. Its name was slightly misleading, as the members were not old, nor were they really ducks. Also, they quite often did not read the month's allocated book and rarely spoke about it (but if their husbands ask, it's a highly intellectual literary gathering!).

At one of the monthly gatherings in 2014 (I told you the post was overdue), the youngest *duck announced that she was pregnant. All the *old *ducks jumped for joy (some literally) with tears in their eyes. When the youngest *duck continued that she was pregnant with twins, the *old *ducks jumped for joy again (more literally), squealed and cried some more.

The young pregnant duck was new in town and lived very far away from her family. The *old *ducks decided that a surprise baby shower was very necessary. Not too soon, so that there was time to get organised, but not too late such that the surprise ... ahem ... started something.

The male/female identity was to remain a mystery until the birth, so we hedged our bets.

Needless to say, the young *duck was very surprised and very happy.

The twins (both girls) are now 6 months old and endearing us all to their lovely individual personalities.

Isn't life amazing?!!

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