10 June 2015

Having a Local Shop Stock My Book is Extremely Awesome

Having a few copies of Returning lying around, I thought I'd approach a local newsagency to see if they'd be interested in stocking the book.

Now this might seem simple enough, but I can be quite shy (no, really). The idea of putting myself out there in person and saying to a business owner not only: "Hey I wrote a book", but also: "You should totally stock it" seemed very daunting.

But after a few weeks of thinking about it, I motivated myself by telling me that if I didn't do it that day I'd be a chickeny chicken pants and could never whinge about not selling books again. I also made myself understand that the worst that could happen would be that they said no. And that's not so bad. (Some really interesting stuff goes on in my head, hey ?!)

So I asked. And guess what? They said YES! Not only did they say yes, but they said: "Yes and can you give us some promotional material so we can have a display for you. We love supporting local authors."


Since then, other things have naturally had to take pride of place at the very front of the store, but the lovely people there have kept it at the front section of the shop for me.

If you're in the Lake Macquarie area, be sure to check out Warners Bay Newsagency. Tell them Francesca sent you!

On a related note, the Facebook post for this one went off the chart as far as reach is concerned, relatively speaking. Goes to show that sharing is caring!


  1. Good on your for being so brave! You never know unless you (have the courage to) ask! Been there done that so I know how hard it is. And kudos to your local newsagent for supporting local authors - wish there were more like yours!

  2. That must make you feel so proud, Francesca. Well done to you and good on you for getting your book out there. The cover looks so striking on the shelf. x


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