01 June 2015

Two Green Thumbs Up!

Did I tell you about the time I single-handedly turfed our yard?

No? Oh good, because it didn't happen.

What I actually did was, with Hubby, turf our front and side yards. It was a while ago - December 2014 - but every day I look outside and love that we did it. I appreciate it all the more knowing the time and energy that we put into it ourselves.

It made an instant difference to the place, crossing the line from a building site look to that of a lived-in house. It gave the MissyMoos somewhere to play outside and reduced the amount of dirt and dust making its way into the house.

Also, doing it was FUN! Often, when we're not used to physical work, doing some can seem like a big deal. But I actually really like it. It's great getting outside, moving around and having something to show for it at the end. I love being able to point at something tangible and say: "I did that".

It was also heaps of fun being sprayed by the hose afterwards, even if it caught me by surprise! Nice one, honey xx

Never in this universe can I say that I have a green thumb. But I'm hoping to change that as we slowly get our yard and garden started. Hopefully having two thumbs covered in green grass was a sign of things to come!

Just as an aside, looking at this photo, I am amazed at how quickly our surroundings have changed. Six months ago, when this was taken, we were the only people living in the street, with a couple of new houses nearing completion. Now, there are four houses occupied, another about to be this week, on the vacant block pictured next to us is now a house a few weeks away from handover, and two more blocks are starting their cut & fill. The good thing about all this progress is that, as we'll soon have neighbours all around us, we can get the fencing completed and shift our focus inward - to getting our yard the way we want it and enjoying the whole block as well as the house.


  1. How very exciting - we toyed with the idea of building again recently but have decided to put on the backburner for a bit! You're looking fab

    1. Thanks hun! Building must be a little like childbirth then? Time makes you forget the pain? I don't think I could ever do it again!!


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