14 July 2015

A Pink Craft Explosion!

This is probably how you could describe my house much of the time with three daughters all keen on getting creative in their own ways.

But today I blog about a particular occasion ... which actually happened in November last year, but it's better late than never to write about it, while I retrieve my blogging mojo from the swamp of apathy.

MissyMoo1 (8) had a birthday sleepover to celebrate turning eight. She was allowed three friends to stay the night (any more and things could have been scary for her poor mother i.e. me!). We hadn't been in the house long and didn't have any grass in the yard, so having more friends over at that point really wasn't an option.

It was a busy 18 hours. With six kids in the house (and the fact that it was a "party"), there was constant preparing of food, eating, clearing up, getting the next activity ready. But you know, I really enjoyed the lead-up to the weekend and the party itself. Cruising the shops for craft and party supplies, setting it all up and seeing happy kids' faces was very special.

It's a privilege to see the girls' friendships develop as they're growing. It's also wonderful to see them do different things together and get to know them all and their interests. But basically, with a bunch of 8-year-old girls, if there's food, music and craft, you can't go wrong!

A picture says a thousand words

I would do it again ... but maybe I'm just saying that because eight months have passed!

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