27 July 2015

Holiday at Home

Guess who has three weeks off work?!

Jealous much?

When my parents gave me the dates for a holiday they were planning (which means we need to find alternative childcare arrangements for MissyMoo3 instead of Nonna two days per week) and those dates fell during the school term, I wasn't terribly excited about having to take annual leave while the kids were at school and not be able to do cool stuff with them. But my thinking has shifted.

As you would have noticed from my sporadic blogging activity and some recent posts (here, for example) touching on the subject, I haven't been feeling terribly relaxed in recent months.

I now have three weeks just to be "mum" and "Francesca".

Three weeks which include a few completely child-free days!

I have decided to attempt a "holiday diary" of sorts on the blog. Think travel diary but without the travel part. I want to look back on this period with a smile when I'm back into the swing of things at work. I want to make sure that I do something for "Francesca" every day as well as enjoying my cameo appearance as a stay-at-home mum.

The break started off with a bang - the night following my last day at work, we had a playgroup mum night in at my place where the wine and laughter flowed. This began a weekend of family time and socialising.

So buckle up, readers. This blog just got busy again.

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