04 July 2015


Things have been really bloody hard lately. And so much of what is troubling me aren't my stories to tell, or they're not things I feel comfortable with sharing here.

So on the blog, I've preferred to remain silent rather than unauthentic.

Now, this changes.

No I'm not going to spill about the shitty stuff. But there is still so much good in life. There are still so many great stories to tell. Birthdays, laughter, gorgeousness of people and surroundings. I choose to tell them. No more silence. I choose to reclaim the time I have sacrificed on this blog.

You might not get the full picture, but does anybody get the full picture about another human being? Do we ever truly know anybody else completely? We can get close in the most intimate of relationships, but on a blog? No, this blog doesn't make you know me. But you get to know a bit about me. You get to find camaraderie in the similarity of our experiences, or you get to juxtapose your completely different path in life against mine. You get from this blog whatever you take. And I give only what I can give.

Thanks for sticking by, friends.


  1. You know I don't give oodles away either, maybe a bit more than you but that doesn't diminish your voice at all. All the best getting through it all x

    1. Thanks Emily. Thanks for still taking the time to visit and comment xx


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