27 July 2015

Non-Travel Holiday Diary - Day 1

Monday - "official" day 1 of holiday:

  • 14,426 steps.
  • KIDDY FREE! MissyMoos 1 (8) and 2 (6) at school; MissyMoo3 (3) at pre-school.
  • No rushed drop-off = a win for me and for the kids
  • Mopped the floors - this might not sound like fun but doing it uninterrupted was as close to fun as it could get. There were no little feet running through, slipping over. And the floors were clean for more than just a few minutes.
  • 2 cups of coffee completely consumed.
  • Menu planning followed through with grocery shopping ... alone. I finally feel like home life won't be a scramble this week.
  • Reading
  • Picked MissyMoo3 up early from pre-school and had time to talk to her teachers about her day.
  • Picked MissyMoos1&2 up from school (they usually come home on the bus) and took all three kiddies out for afternoon tea at the bakery.
  • Made bolognese and even had sufficient reserves of patience to allow MissyMoo1 to help.
  • Blogged.

Good start, says I.

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