24 July 2015

So ... How About the Weather?

Thanks Facebook. You showed me an endless stream of photos of people in my hometown building these:

Hey, how's it going?

When I was growing up there, we generally got the cold without the snow. Now in my current home, oh yes, we got the cold without the snow. Ice on the windscreen did happen, though. That was pretty cool.

In an attempt to embrace winter instead of complain about it, we recently had a "Winter  Wonderland" day at playgroup. The kids arrived dressed in their beanies, scarves mittens etc ready for a winter-themed play morning.

We started off making paper snowflakes (don't ask me how, I've forgotten. Google it!)

Then the kids went outside to gather some sticks. We made a "fire" (orange crepe paper) and sat around it reading stories. It was just beautiful.

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