30 September 2015

School Holiday Mothering

School holidays require a different kind of juggling in our home. It's always a challenge keeping the MissyMoos entertained, while also trying to give them a rest, all while arranging who will look after them on our common work days. And it seems like one set of holidays have only just finished when we're already having to think about arrangements for the next set.

Don't get me wrong. I love school holidays. I love that the MissyMoos can just have down time without being rushed around so much. Even when I still work my normal days, it feels like I have more time with them simply because we're all a bit more relaxed. And I love not having to pack lunch boxes every morning.

A desperate attempt to make the contents of a lunch box more interesting. Tell me I'm not the only one who's done this!

Over the past couple of holidays, the MissyMoos have had a one night sleepover at their Nonna and Par's house. It gives them a change of scene, they get spoiled by their grandparents and it gives Hubby and I a bit of quiet (oh, so much quiet...). Even though we're working our normal days/times when this happens, it feels like we have so much more time because we're not getting kids ready in the morning, or doing the bath/bed routine at night. We didn't know how good we had it back when we used to trot off to work with only ourselves to look after.

Still, I missed the MissyMoos. And even without children in the house, I still couldn't quite stop the mothering...

What? She was cold...

03 September 2015

Yes, I'm Still Here!

Contact from a reader yesterday prompted me to write today's post. And now I realise that the whole of August went by without a blog post. Although there was coffee...

Yes, I am still here ☺

Despite its abrupt end on the blog, my non-travel diary actually went quite well in my notebook. But at the end of each day of my holiday, dare I say it ...  I didn't want to blog.

As has happened to me a few times now, blogging got un-fun. It became a chore. So I stopped doing it.

Now, after 5 weeks or so off, I finally feel like blogging again. But I know myself better now. I will only blog in dribs and drabs. Life is too full to do any more than that!

What's life full of?

  • A husband I love and with whom want to spend lots of time
  • Three gorgeous daughters, aged 8, 6 & 3 - all with their own personalities, lives and needs
  • Work - 4 days per week of it
  • Volunteering - coordinating MissyMoo3's playgroup and helping out at big school are things I love to do, but there goes my day off work!
  • Groceries, vacuuming, meal planning, washing ironing - you know the drill
  • Reading - I am loving reading right now, more than I have in a long time
  • Writing - I'm not writing on the blog, but I am writing elsewhere ... yes, the sequel to Returning is well underway!

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