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This page sets out where I stand on monetising, product reviews and sponsored posts.

This blog hosts advertising material through Google AdSense.

I do not do giveaways - they are a compliance minefield with different rules for different jurisdictions, and with a lawyer's practising certificate to maintain, I have no desire to put that or my professional reputation at risk by opening myself up to a potential breach.

I am open to writing sponsored posts and product reviews.

I've never been offered money to write a blog post about a product or service. If I was, I would  think long and hard before making a decision. Rest assured that no matter what I do in this space, I take my own integrity and, by extension, the integrity of my blog very seriously. Benefits - financial or gifts - will be disclosed in the review post and my opinion will never be swayed by receipt of such things. If you are an advertiser and you do not want sponsorship disclosed, move on, this blog is not for you.

I will not write an "ad" for a product or service without first reviewing it myself. I will not review products or services which are in conflict with my day job.

I am not a fan of reading blog posts are sponsored or product reviews when you don't realise it until the end or halfway through - it makes me feel a little cheated out of my time and as if I've been tricked into reading something which I may not otherwise have chosen to read. I get that it's an art / cool way of writing for some, but I'm not into it. So if I'm doing a sponsored post or product review, it will be named as such in the heading of my blog post.

If you'd like to contact me about any type of PR or advertising, please email me at

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